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For 19 years, Mrs. De Ann Crawford has sown the seeds of Christ throughout Cornerstone. Mrs. Crawford’s warmth and passion for Cornerstone are undeniable. She lives and breathes the Cornerstone community, and she is grounded in God’s Word in all she does. As the face of Cornerstone, many of our families see Cornerstone through the eyes of Mrs. Crawford. She is truly Cornerstone’s heart and soul and is the biggest cheerleader for our students. Although she is currently the Director of Admissions, you will find Mrs. Crawford cheering on students at sporting events, applauding student actors during school plays and planning and promoting Cornerstone community events. In the hallways, Mrs. Crawford gives hugs and encouragement and reminds students to remember the "Cornerstone Way." Cornerstone second grader Tyler Jo Rawlings recalls, "When I was nervous on the first day of school, Mrs. Crawford made me feel at home. I'm glad she teaches "The Cornerstone Way" because it helps all the kids know how to be respectful to grown-ups."

While at Cornerstone, Mrs. Crawford has served in numerous crucial roles and was instrumental in laying the groundwork of our phenomenal school when she served as the Head of School from 2003 until 2011. Mrs. Crawford’s love for Cornerstone is evident in everything she does. Every student, parent and faculty member can share stories about the love and devotion Mrs. Crawford has for Cornerstone, and what she has meant in their lives! As Cornerstone parent Nicci Schemmel says, "Mrs. Crawford made us feel like family from the first day we met her over ten years ago. She immediately learned the name of every member of our family, has cheered our kids on over the years at Cornerstone and beyond and has prayed for our family when in need. Her relationship wasn’t only about the application process. It started there and has grown into a wonderful part of our Cornerstone experience." As Mrs. Crawford moves into retirement, we know that her impact will be lasting and the roots that she has planted will continue to feed Cornerstone for years to come.



Cornerstone would like to honor Mrs. Crawford by creating the De Ann Crawford Scholarship Fund. Please click here to make an electronic donation or mail checks to 5295 Triangle Parkway, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092 (memo line – De Ann Crawford Scholarship Fund). Mailing a check to the school will maximize the amount of dollars going toward the fund due to fees associated with electronic payments.



Mrs. Crawford has affected the lives of countless people. As such, we encourage you to share your stories of her impact. We will continue to update this site as we recieve new stories.

Mrs. Crawford Stories

De Ann,
You can never be replaced and will always leave a hole at Cornerstone, but I’m so glad you are going to get to enjoy this next season in your life! Your genuine love for all the kids and parents who came through the CCA doors changed so many for the better. My girls adore you, and I will forever be grateful for the love and care you have shown my family. When you showed up at the hospital during my breast cancer surgery, and then rallied other parents to drive me to chemo, you demonstrated to my family, as you did to others, that you would tirelessly go beyond your job description to make sure everyone associated with the school was taken care of and well loved. Your sacrificial efforts were the seeds that have grown into a beautiful crop of countless Cornerstone students living out their lives for God’s glory and making a huge positive impact on our world!

I love you, and I am forever grateful!
Carol Jackovich
Parent of two children who attended Cornerstone Kindergarten through Eighth Grade

De Ann was instrumental in making a lasting and valuable investment in the lives of my children and so many others. Our daughter found a haven of love and commitment when she joined the first 6th grade class offered at Cornerstone. De Ann had assembled a special group of teachers and staff that made a lifetime impression on her and she emerged from middle school ready to bloom in the path God was leading her along. I will always remember De Ann for her servant heart and faithful leadership at Cornerstone.

Mark Brannon
Parent of two former Cornerstone students; former Board Member

If you have entered Cornerstone Christian Academy, chances are great that you have experienced the friendly smile and welcoming hug of De Ann Crawford. She has a special way of making you feel at home and assuring you that your children will be cared for like one of her own. Her love for the Lord and desire to follow Him in shaping the Cornerstone culture has been a gift to our family. We will be forever grateful for the part De Ann and Cornerstone Christian Academy played in establishing a strong spiritual and academic foundation for our children and showing them Christ's love.

Jon & Denise Peyer
Former Board President; Former PTF Vice President; Current Substitute Teacher; Parents of two children that attended Cornerstone Christian Academy

De Ann,

You fully invested in Cornerstone beginning nearly 20 years ago and each and every day you worked to create an environment of nurture and care. When I began working at Cornerstone some 11 years ago, your title was Head of School. However, you are so much more to me both professionally and personally. I consider you to be a mentor, a constant source of support and inspiration and a true believer in the power of a Christian education. I will miss your daily wise counsel. Your legacy runs deep and will forever shape how I live my life. As you enter this new, exciting phase of your life, know that you will be remembered as the heart and soul of Cornerstone.

Kim Ragland
Cornerstone colleague

“De Ann” - Who in our community doesn’t know that name? In 2003 when you accepted the position of Head of School, CCA also became well known. After many years as an educator in Gwinnett County you had touched so many students and families. Looking back it is hard to imagine how you were able to accomplish so much as the sole administrator. You have been the perfect one to set the bar high for all the staff. You have given your all - your time, your listening ear, your encouragement, your love but most importantly an example of putting Christ first. Thank you for setting a firm foundation at CCA - we love you like family and so do many others. Thank you, DeAnn

Debbie and Butch Floyd
Cornerstone Grandparents

Where do I start with this phenomenal lady? She is truly one of a kind. Her kindness, compassion and love for these students is beyond unbelievable. She has given so much, not to just our family, but to all who know and love her. She made me personally feel so welcomed and loved, from the moment I applied my daughter to Cornerstone. There is always a smile and a hug from her. She will truly be missed! Thank you for all you have done, De Ann!

Sally Thompson
Parent of a Cornerstone student

Oh De Ann, where do I even begin? You SHINE for Christ. I met you and Katie Trapani at the same time, I believe. Katie introduced you as "Cornerstone's Queen". Ha! Thank you for your mentorship, your leadership, and your love. My family is better because of you. (Bailey De Ann!!!) I love you, friend. I will miss you tremendously. Thank you again for all you have done for me. - Katie

Katie Boling
Friend and Mentee

Dearest DeAnn- Well, here it is, I have ignored it all year, it is so bittersweet. I am so beyond thankful for all you have done for not only our family but for Cornerstone as a whole. I will be forever grateful for having you walk us through the building that day over 10 years ago and knowing we had found a school home. I have said it often, but you could feel the love in these walls. You treated us like family from day one, and I can’t imagine this place without you. You have truly made an imprint on all of our hearts. I wish you nothing but ALL of God’s blessings in this next chapter. Can’t wait to give you a big hug when you come back to visit. Your hugs are up there with the BEST. Your light and legacy will live on in the kids, the parents, the teachers and in our halls. I thank God for Cornerstone and for the blessings that you allowed Ethan and Emily to have. Cornerstone is what it is today because of YOU. Have the most amazing summer and enjoy every minute of retirement. You deserve it! We love you. The Lewis Family

Lisa & Michael Lewis
Parent of 2 Cornerstone Cougars

From our very first email exchange, to touring the school, to the enrollment and acceptance process, De Ann truly made us feel like she was welcoming us into her home and her family. The warmth we felt from her every time we interacted was a huge part of why we knew this was the school for us. I can still remember being a new CCA family in 2017…we didn’t know what we were doing, or how we would fit in, but every time I saw De Ann, she made me feel so at peace. I cannot imagine our school without her, but I’m so excited for her to be able to rest and know that she made an enormous impact on so many. She is so so loved. Thank you De Ann! The Van Rensburg family will never forget you.

Brittany Van Rensburg
Parent of 2 Cornerstone Students

De Ann, we are so happy for you as you transition into a new phase of your life, but it’s bittersweet for our community as there will certainly be a void at CCA that will be impossible to fill. You are the heart and soul of CCA, and you’re a huge reason we ended up selecting CCA over the other schools we were considering several years ago. Over the years I’ve heard many say they can feel the Holy Spirit in the halls of our school; we feel it too. Looking back, I believe a big part of what we felt initially was God’s love being poured out on us through you. We felt cared for by you the moment we walked into the school, and that personal care and love we felt throughout the admission process was the difference for us in selecting CCA. What a blessing you have been to our school and our family! We feel so blessed to have our children at CCA, and I’m not sure we would be here had you not been our loving guide in those early months of us exploring schools. Words cannot express our deep love and gratitude for you and what you’ve meant to us. Cole and Annie adore you, and I hope Case and Crew get to encounter you down the road when they’re at CCA in a few years. Blessings to you! We hope you feel so loved and cherished as you transition out of the school you poured your heart and soul into for two decades.

Phil & Kimberly Adra
Parents of 2 Cornerstone students

De Ann, I will never forget my first conversation with you, albeit a teary one. I had just returned home from Campbell’s fall conference where the teachers didn’t know her name, much less anything else about her. You reached out with comforting and encouraging words and a calm spirit during what was an unsettling time. Little did I know just how much our lives would be changed from that phone call. Our children are so happy, our home is peaceful, and our hearts are full. This school has enriched us more than we ever imagined. And you had so much to do with that. What a gift you gave us. You made a difference, and I’m forever grateful. I wish you so much happiness in your upcoming retirement. You deserve it! All of our love to you .

Sarah and Travis Jackson
Parents of 2 Cornerstone students

De Ann, You were the first person we met at Cornerstone and you have forever made an impact on our family. You welcomed us in, answered all of our questions and gave us the wonderful opportunity to join the Cornerstone family. Even after that, you continued to help us feel connected by introducing us to other families and teachers. You are a blessing to ALL! We know that we will continue to experience you in many ways as we experience Cornerstone. Your hospitality, love, grace, and encouragement is sprinkled in so many people and programs - your legacy will continue indefinitely! We wish you a beautiful season of retirement! And if Southern Living featured schools… I could see you with your pearls, hydrangeas and “Blue” right there on the front cover! We love you dearly! \

Gretchen Davis (Reed, Ansley and Sadie too)

Thank you for seeing the potential in our daughter and all you've done to make her feel so at home at school. Cornerstone has been and will continue to be such a blessing to our family. We wish you all the best moving forward!

The Hilson Family
Cornerstone parent

De Ann, I knew of you long before actually meeting you. I heard your name in various places throughout the community and thought to myself, “Whoever this De Ann lady is, she knows everyone and is deeply loved by her people!” I was so excited when the summer of 2011 rolled around and I was finally able to meet the infamous De Ann. You took me on a tour of Cornerstone. What you probably didn’t know, was that I grew up attending public schools and teaching solely in the public school system. I was a little more than skeptical about sending or even considering sending my kids to private schools. However, the Lord had different plans. By the time you finished your tour and our time together, I was sold. I left knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I wanted Ella and someday Eli, to attend Cornerstone. I know the Lord worked through you that day to show me what school could look like, not only for my kids but for me professionally. I left secretly hoping that someday I could teach at Cornerstone. It’s neat to see how God placed that desire in my heart and then brought it to fruition a few years later. I love how God has woven and continues to weave our paths together. Thank you for being a wonderful mentor, for believing in me, and for sharing all of your knowledge with me. Words cannot adequately express the sense of gratitude I feel toward you on so many different levels. I know God has used your beautiful servant’s heart to touch so many lives over the years. It is for this reason that I am requesting an earpiece next year, so you can tell me exactly what to say and how to say it! Obviously kidding, you have prepared me well, and I hope to make you proud. You are so loved and will be missed tremendously. I know you will enjoy this next phase of life, but you will forever remain in our hearts as the ‘Original Cornerstone Cougar!’

Toey Beatty
Co-worker and Parent of 2 Cornerstone students

De Ann, I knew when we first met in 2011 that you were a special person and a tremendous force in the life of Cornerstone. Coming from another small private school, I understood what your school had experienced to date and knew how hard you were working. You graciously welcomed me as a staff member in August of 2011, and I have been blessed to see you each week in the halls of Cornerstone. There are many memories that come to mind when I think of you, De Ann, and many of them have a common theme--your ability to find the funny and to find God in circumstances that might be annoying to others. For example, my first Sneak Peak at Cornerstone was the date of my son's arrival home from Afghanistan. I was afraid you would find this a problem, as Sneak Peak is the first encounter with parents and students. What would they feel if their teacher was not there?! Well, when I told you your reaction was a sweet laugh and, "This is great." You were concerned for my family and me, this long awaited reunion and God's "story." You assured me it would work out and that you or someone else would "step in" to fill my absence. I was so touched that you viewed the situation this way and it meant so much to me. I have seen you work long hours, after hours ("when it was quiet"), weekends and holidays. Thank you for being so selfless in your mission to make Cornerstone a place where individuals matter, manners matter, respect matters and most of all a love for the Lord matters. You have truly formed a "Cornerstone" for God's Kingdom. Thank you for everything, sweet De Ann. I am so excited for you and your retirement. It is well deserved. Enjoy, dear friend, and know--"You are loved!"

Shannon Rose
Cornerstone teacher

From greeting me every morning to having a picture of me in her office, Mrs. Crawford has been like a second mother to me. She always asks me how my latest sports practice went, or what I'm looking forward to next year. She acts in a way that shows Christ to everyone that is around her. She leads by example, and always knows what is best for teachers, students, faculty members, and the whole school. She has helped me become the person I am today through her guidance and ambassador program. I can say without a doubt Mrs. Crawford will be missed next year.

Juliette Dill
student ambassador and friend

De Ann,

You know someone's name because they pick up a student in carpool at your school even when they are not a parent? De Ann does and that's how we first met. You don't have to be around De Ann long to know that she loves Jesus, her family and Cornerstone with great passion (and in that order). De Ann, you have not only left your mark on Cornerstone in so many ways but on me as a parent, co-worker and most of all as a friend. I have little touches of De Ann all over my life, and I am forever grateful. As you retire from Cornerstone you can leave knowing it is a better school because of your love, service, prayers and the abundant blessings you have given to each parent, student and co-worker that has passed through it's doors. It is an honor and joy to call you my friend.

Sharon Brown
Co-worker and parent of two Cornerstone students

My children likely would have never had the experience of Cornerstone if it wasn’t for Mrs. Crawford. We relocated to Peachtree Corners in 2015, and I’ll be honest, I came “kicking and screaming” from sweet home Alabama. :) I did NOT have an open mind to new schools until I met DeAnn Crawford. Her loving and nurturing personality wrapped around the Fox family the day we toured Cornerstone, but it didn’t end there. Our oldest, Regan, was set to attend CCA Volleyball camp at PCBC that summer without knowing anyone. Regan said the first day of camp, she saw Mrs. Crawford who greeted her by NAME in front of the other kids! She felt so welcomed and already like family. Every time any of my kids have seen her through the past 7 years, they are always greeted with a smile, a hug and an encouraging word. That Spring Break after we had toured CCA, we canceled our last school tour because we already knew that CCA couldn’t be topped! We are beyond appreciate of DeAnn Crawford and what she means to the Fox family!!! She is a true legacy!!!!

Rachel Fox
Friend and Cornerstone parent

Dear Mrs. Crawford,

After many visits to other private schools trying to find the correct place for Alex I just knew Cornerstone was the one after we first spoke. We did a tour of the school and you remembered all the student names throughout the tour. You started the tour with a prayer, and I about fell off my chair in thanksgiving to God for guiding us to this place. Since then I've just been in awe of your approach to make folks feel welcome and considering all our needs. One more story-the pandemic had just hit, things were pretty bleak, no one was out, except for Mrs. Crawford putting new Cornerstone Cougar signs on our lawns. I cried of joy for the deliberate way of thinking of the kids and families. Our family felt so loved. We are going to MISS YOU!

Love, The Belliappa's
Cornerstone Family

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