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Parent School Partnership
Cornerstone Christian Academy partners with parents by providing quality academic education designed to develop students who will follow Christ, embrace Biblical truth and live lives that glorify God. Our goal as a school is to infuse Christ into everything we do. Cornerstone partners with The Church and parents to educate the whole child: “a cord of three strands is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

First and foremost we believe that the Christian Family is the God-ordained institution that is the foundation (basic) unit of society whereby children are trained to know and serve Christ (Genesis 2:23-24). We never desire to take the place of the parent’s role in raising a child. Rather, we desire to run alongside you, creating an environment that supports your family by offering to share our areas of expertise.

As parents, you can depend on us to provide leadership in these areas:
Child Development
Encourage students to celebrate their uniqueness, embrace their passions, and seek excellence in their minds, bodies and spirits by valuing them as individuals, challenging them to lives of service, guiding them in character development, offering consistent standards for discipline, and helping them craft distinct visions for their lives (Genesis 1:27).
Curriculum Development
Provide curriculum that is relevant, applicable, and imparts a Biblical worldview. Biblical worldview integration is the process of connecting a biblical framework to all aspects of life that leads to greater understanding and wisdom (Romans 12:2).
Building Lifelong Learners
Create an environment that fosters a love of lifelong learning through quality academics. Quality academics is based on the absolute truth of God’s Word and is designed to guide each student to achieve his/her God-given potential (Colossians 3:23).

In turn, just as parents rely on the school for leadership, so teachers rely on parents to provide leadership at home in these areas:
Love & Support
Love, support and nurture your child. Provide a safe haven from the world in order to foster a positive self-image and model God’s love (Philippians 2:15-16).
Discipline & Structure
Teach discipline and structure and enforce it consistently. If children remain faithful in the small things, they will learn to remain faithful in the large things. Children must understand we all live under authority; there is a God and it is not them (Proverbs 22:6).
Freedom to Fall Down
Create an environment that fosters a child’s autonomy appropriate to his or age. We all make mistakes and experience setbacks and disappointments. Many of the big life lessons occur in these situations, so it is critical that our students understand how to handle adversity. Successfully navigating adversity builds self-esteem and provides a framework for handling future challenges (Romans 8:28).

George Barna, a cultural sociologist, suggests that 95% of a child’s moral development is established between the ages of 3-13. We understand the importance of this time period in your child’s life and we are blessed to partner with you.

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“Cornerstone represents the best of what we wanted for our children's education. We are thrilled with the small class sizes, experienced teachers and strong curriculum all wrapped up in a biblical world view. We are in awe of the leaders being produced at Cornerstone.”

— First & Fourth Grade Parent
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